Home Accessories Twelve South Unveils New BookArc for Mac Pro

Twelve South Unveils New BookArc for Mac Pro

Twelve South Unveils New BookArc for Mac Pro

Twelve South has unveiled BookArc for Mac Pro, a chrome-plated desktop stand designed exclusively for Apple’s professional computer.

A lower height increases the number of places you can park the most powerful Mac available, including inside professional gear racks and studio shelves.


To create this fiercely different look, Twelve South took heavy gauge steel and machined it into an elegant curve, then coated it with a gleaming chrome finish. Chrome was selected specifically because it perfectly reflects the lustrous black finish of the Mac Pro floating above it. Resting on BookArc, the mightiest of Macs is cradled by a soft silicone lined insert. The new turbo-jet looking Mac Pro will have office mates slack-jawed at the combo’s show-stopping new look.

bookarc_pro_4Twelve South notes that is is safe to use a Mac Pro on its side. “In fact, the Apple Tech Note that refers to using a Mac Pro on its side was the inspiration for designing this curved metal stand.”


BookArc takes the height requirement of Mac Pro from 14 inches standing upright, including space for ventilation, down to 7.5 inches resting on its side atop the chrome stand. This reduced height means Mac Pro fits in a lot more locations, including inside pro gear racks, cabinets or on studio shelves. Set inside a racked studio cabinet, Mac Pro on a BookArc takes up 7 rack spaces — instead of the 15 spaces in an upright placement.




BookArc Pro is available for $59.99.

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