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iOS 9 Concept by Ralph Theodory

iOS 9 Concept by Ralph Theodory

Check out this concept for iOS 9 from Ralph Theodory that visualizes a large selection of new features for Apple’s mobile operating system.

ios 9 concept

Concept Features:

Search in Settings: Easily find the setting you want by doing a fast search
History in Settings: Displays every change you did in settings, you can undo your changes in a single tap.
Color Look: Customize the color of buttons, UI elements, and Control Center
Night Mode: To provide a better viewing experience in low light environments and to save battery life.
Settings Everywhere: Access every app settings and privacy settings by a single swipe down in the switcher.
Close All Running Apps: Finally close all apps by a single tap instead of swiping up all running apps
Siri Spell: If Siri does not recognize what you said, it will ask you to spell the word to learn it.
Round Springboard: Choose between three app display modes that fits you the most
Language Auto Playlists: The new Music app automatically recognizes the song’s language and adds it to it’s language playlist
New Music Features: Ringtones and sound modes (equalizer) are only one tap away.
Smart Sleep Mode: Siri pops up every 5 songs to ask you if you were awake, if you are, you can press any button or you can answer via ear pods microphone. If no response happens in 10 seconds Siri will automatically turn off music.
Smart Shuffle: Smart Shuffle automatically finds the best set of songs and albums that suit your environment. Time, Weather, movement and Occasions now affect your music experience.
New Video Feed: Video app provides a video feed that combines all video streaming apps on your iPhone in one feed.
Lock Screen Clock: You can customize the lock screen Clock with custom widgets downloaded from the app store.
● Learn: The tips app transformed into Learn, ap app to teach you every single thing about iOS to help new users learn about iPhone & iOS.
Support: Support is the app that we were all waiting for, an essential app to help you sove any problem you face on iPhone.
Button Control: Change how buttons behave. Assign virtual buttons on the screen. Change button’s task.
Bug Report: Bug reporter on beta versions is now available on support app.
Accessories: Verify your accessories and check if they work correctly.
● Hardware: Perform diagnostic tests on hardware parts like sensors, speakers, mic, buttons , and cellular or wifi signal.
Genius Bar: Remote Genius Bar appointments from home. This service helps you solve your problems by connecting you to the best Apple Experts around the world and remotely detecting problems by doing specific diagnostic tests, solve software problems remotely and book a genius bar appointment for hardware problems.

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