Home Apps iMobie AnyTrans 5 – The Ultimate iOS File Manager for iOS 10 and iPhone 7/7 Plus

iMobie AnyTrans 5 – The Ultimate iOS File Manager for iOS 10 and iPhone 7/7 Plus

iMobie AnyTrans 5 – The Ultimate iOS File Manager for iOS 10 and iPhone 7/7 Plus

It is great joyful and excited to upgrade with a new iPhone 7, but moving your most important data to the new iPhone without data loss is skilful for naive users. To give you best and flexible iPhone transfer & management experience, iMobie Inc. has updated the flagship product AnyTrans to its fifth version, and the improved AnyTrans 5 is ready for iPhone 7/7 Plus as well as the latest iOS 10.   


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Now migrating and managing content on your iPhone is a breath of fresh air with AnyTrans at hand. AnyTrans covers up to 25+ types of iOS content on your iPhone including messages, contacts, notes, music, ringtones, videos, photos, etc. New AnyTrans 5 improves the overall speed for data transfer and brings users a completely redesigned UI with simpler navigation. What’s more, AnyTrans 5 is compatible with Windows and Mac, working for all iPhone, iPad and iPod models as well as iOS 10/9/8/7/6.

Another key feature of AnyTrans 5

6 Shortcuts Give You One-click Transfer

2Six Shortcuts of AnyTrans

Run AnyTrans 5 and connect your iPhone to computer you will see this page. It provides you 6 shortcuts to manage your iOS files in a quick way.

  • Merge Device and Clone Device: As the new iPhone 7 arrives, the 1-to-1 copy feature of the two shortcuts help migrate your entire content from old iPhone into your new one, even Messages can be copied between two iPhones.
  • Content to Mac/PC: This option allows you to transfer data from any iPhone to computer as backup, and in readable format.
  • Content to iTunes: This will be quite helpful especially for those who just suffered a hard drive failure and want to rebuild iTunes Library urgently.
  • Content to Device: Directly transfer data from one iDevice to another without backup and restore, which is quick and easy.
  • Add Content: Import content to an iDevice from computer without wiping the existing items.

Well-arranged iOS File Categories and Supported Data

3AnyTrans Supported iOS Files

Scroll down from the shortcut page and you will see various types of iOS data AnyTrans supported. AnyTrans clearly classified all your iOS content to Audio, Videos, Photos, Safari, Books, Apps, Notes, Voice Mail, Messages, Contacts, etc. From here, you can easily choose which file type you want to transfer or manage.

Manage Specific iOS Data on Your iPhone

4Manage Music on Your iPhone with AnyTrans

AnyTrans gives you all-around iOS content management experience by allowing you to add, delete or transfer file to anywhere you like. For instance, after entering the manage page of Music, you are enabled to choose single or ALL songs to delete, or transfer to iTunes, to Computer and to another iDevice, and even add songs to your iPhone without data erase.

iTunes & iCloud Backup

5iTunes/iCloud Backup Management of AnyTrans

AnyTrans allows you to access and export your files stored in iTunes or iCloud, covering notes, contacts, messages, call history, etc. No need of restoration, you are enabled to find data you need in the backup even it is just a piece of message.

Additional Features of AnyTrans 5

  • GIF/MOV converter – AnyTrans 5 quickly turns your Live Photos into GIFs or MOVs and saves to computer.
  • Video Converter – You are allowed to import all incompatible videos to your iPhone or iPad for AnyTrans automatically convert the video files.
  • Ringtone Maker – It is quite easy to turn your favorite songs to iPhone ringtones in 25s/40s with AnyTrans.
  • File System and Disk Mode – AnyTrans is equipped with a File Explorer that lets you browser deep in your iOS system and enables you to use your iPhone as a USB flash drive.


A New and creative iPhone manager which has tons of unique and useful features, some features even can not be found anywhere else. If you are just looking for some unique features it has or you want to know if it is your type, then you can give it a try.

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